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That's right: I use the word "cinema" rather than "movies" to denote moving pictures. I also read the credits while everybody else shuffles out of the the theatre.
This is a page listing some of my favourite actors who aren't Helen Mirren. She has her own page here

Meryl Streep: In Out of Africa, she gave us an accent and a character, yet was paid a fraction of what Robert Redford received. Her performance in Silkwood is magnificent, and the film still makes me weep. What makes me love her even more is her surprised, shocked, dismayed look when Braveheart won Best Picture at the 1996 Academy Awards presentation.

David Duchovny: Sure, I know he's currently a "television star," but he's also got some film credits. Kalifornia and Rapture were nice video surprises for me. I enjoyed Duchovny's appearance on Jeopardy! where he gave all sorts of corrects answers for categories other than literature and history. Being a dyke, I have no ulterior motive in my appreciation for Duchovny. I looked at the "Estrogen Brigade" enthusiasm page for him...I'd be afraid, if I were him. Make your own mind up, though. Here it is. I call it Salivate This site is quite chock full of info about Duchovny.

Matthew Broderick:I haven't generally been that interested in actors of my own age group, but I think Broderick is an exception. I enjoyed his work in WarGames, Torch Song Trilogy, Biloxi Blues and even Project X. He works hard, doesn't look like a clone, and is comfortable on the stage. I appreciate that. I found a letter of support for the AIDS Walk in San Francisco. For this, he gets bonus points.

Jodie Foster: Uh-oh, another intelligent female actor. You'll notice I don't use the word "actress;" to me, it is dangerously close to "waitress." Given the history of roles for women in Hollywood, I think the association is quite accurate. I like Foster's brooding quality. Ever see "The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane" in which she co-starred with Martin Sheen (who was also one of my favourites before he went politically weird). I can't pretend to have done all my research on Foster: have a look here for more info.

Sam Waterston: I am choosing to put Waterston in the Cinema, rather than the Television, section because the first production I saw him in was The Great Gatsby. I was 12, and very impressed. I like his features, I like his style. Of course, I enjoyed his performance in I'll Fly Away--the show was poignant and, surprise, historically accurate. Currently, in Law and Order, Waterston is a pleasure to watch even when his character is being unpleasant.

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